Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And the winner is...

The festival Puppetbuskers 2012 is over. The last three SUNNY(!) days brought up some more puppets, but actually also other non - puppetry experiences, but I'll get to those later. 
The very winner of Puppetbuskers is a duo from Belgium (Wallonia) called La Mandale. Their show "Citizen P" was indeed great. Coffins and sticks, corpses and sex... Funny and original "Pulcinella"!

We could follow the story of Pulcinella. How he was born, how he fell in love with his stick, how he met Alice from Wonderland and how he died... All of this being a parallel to the Orson Welles film Citizen Kane. So far I think, because the show "Citizen P" was in french, and unfortunately I did understand only very few...

There were also other "Punch and Judy" shows at the festival, but "Citizen P" was updated and fresh. Tradition is fine, but surely it helps if there are present motives/jokes/topics offered to the audience. 
Lookin' forward to see La Mandale at Puppetbuskers 2013. Au revoir!

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